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The branch of Fashion Design

On the branch Fashion design, the suggested programmes give scientific, technical and theoretical knowledge and develop artistic and creative talents and skills with special emphasize on individual development of creative thinking and expression, thus stimulating experimenting, research and innovations from the idea to the realization of 3D clothing design. Individuality and creativity in the pedagogic process itself are the basis for students? creativity and individuality, who by connecting the acquired knowledge on all the fields become high-educated experts with wide possibilities of working in all the fields of fashion design and art approach to the clothing design. At the end of the two-year studies the student can continue with the necessity specialization: Haute couture, Stylist.

Courses for the branch of Fashion Design

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CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies)

Centre for Development and Transfer of Textile and Clothing Technologies and Fashion Design

International Textile
Clothing & Design

Textile Science and Economy


Textile Science Research Centre

Croatian Academy of Engineering
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